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  • Input: 120V ~ 60Hz, Ouput: AC24V 50W
  • Item #:PS-D50
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> AC24V 50W Output
> 120V ~ 60Hz Input


Model PS-D50
Specification 99.5*65.5*54.4mm
Weight 0.7kg
Input parameters
Input Voltage AC 120V
Enter the no-load current is less than 120mA
Input Frequency 60Hz
Temperature fuse 130? 2A/250V
Current Fuse PTC 3A/72V
Pressure test PRI-SEC:1500V 50Hz 5mA
Operating Temperature Range -20? ~ +40?
Operating humidity range -20? ~ +80?
Storage temperature range 30~85%R.H
Insulation class CLASS A(105?)
TEMP RIST When the ambient temperature is 25? two hours after aging method shell surface thermocouple position stickers maximum temperature rise of less than 75 .
Authenticate CE,FCC,UL