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  • Industrial Grade -40 to 45? Power-Over-Ethernet Extender,up to 1500ft
  • Item #:POE-EX01
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PoE extender - a quality product for PoE network point-to-point up to 1500ft.
Works with PoE standards IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at.
This device serves as a data switch port that is powered by PoE, and transmits it
further on another 300ft together with the data.
Depending on the amount of power consumption may use up to 4 extensions in the same chain.
Thereby increasing transmission distance up to 1500ft (1 class 82.3af, see table. "Maximum distance")


> Mini-size, wall mounting
> Requires no external power supply
> Lower power consumption, only 1.2W
> Auto-sensing PoE devices
> Compatibility with 802.3at and 802.3af

Typical connection diagram

Maximum length

PoE Device (PD)
or PoE IP Camera
PoE Injector or Switch
IEEE802.3af (max 15.4W)
PoE Plus Injector or Switch
IEEE802.3at (max 30W)
IEEE802.3af class 1
no more than 4W
1200ft (3pcs PoE Extender) 1500ft (4pcs PoE Extender)
IEEE802.3af class 2
no more than 6W
900ft (2pcs PoE Extender) 1200ft (3pcs PoE Extender)
IEEE802.3af class 0&3
no more than 12W
600ft (1pcs PoE Extender) 900ft (2pcs PoE Extender)
no more than 22W
Not applicable 600ft (1pcs PoE Extender)