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  • Outdoor 1.5mile 900Mbps Solar Power Microwave Transmission Device,Support 1000mA load, 3 days continuous work without sunshine circumstances
  • Item #:SPMW850T-1000
  • Availability:Special Order


> Solar power, no wiring
> Solar energy special lithium battery, continuous 3 days work underdark environment
> Wireless microwave transmission, 5.8 G no interference spectrum,covering the range of 1.5mile
> Simple setup, plug and play

Applicable environment

Suitable for no power, outdoor remote wireless monitoring sites,such as pasture, farmland, orchard, ponds, rivers, forests, mines etc.


> Designed for long distance microwave video transmission
> Supports visual accessibility of 1.5mile microwave transmission
> Outdoor waterproof, sunscreen housing design
> Built-in 18dB high-gain directional antenna
> 64MB SDRAM + 16MB Flash, Higher reliable data transmission
> High power wireless output, built-in high-gain MIMO antenna, longer transmission distance
> Support 900Mbps wireless transmission rate
200W Solar Panel (Monocrystallinesilicon) + 100AH Three element lithium (Li(NiCoMn)O2) Battery
> Support 1000mA load, 3 days continuous work without sunshine circumstances
> Include solar panel and integrated microwave transmitter host (w/ mounting bracket)
> Camera and pole not included

As a long range outdoor microwave device, the SPMW850 series is designed to provide a WISP connection and long distance wireless networking solution. It operates seamlessly in the 5.8GHz frequency spectrum and provides wireless data transfer rates of up to 900Mbps. The device also features up to 500mw wireless transmission power and has a built-in 18dBi antenna which provides a cost effective way to pick up and maintain a stable signal for a wireless network connection ranging multiple kilometers.

High Transmission Capability

With up to 500mw microwave transmission power and a 18dBi dual-polarized high gain antenna, the SPMW850 series can produce and pick up a powerful and stable signal for a wireless connection ranging multiple kilometers.

900Mbps Wireless N Speed-Extend Wireless Coverage

With wireless speeds of up to 900Mbps and advanced MIMO technology, the SPMW850 series provides you with a fast, reliable wireless surveillance video transmission.

18dBi Dual-polarized High-gain Panel Antenna

The SPMW850 series features a 18dBi antenna, which is a key feature used in building a long-distance Wi-Fi connection.It is designed with signal transmission covering 60 degrees on a horizontal plane and 25 degrees on a vertical plane, improving signal strength in a concentrated direction.

High Transmission Power

With wireless transmission power of up to 500mw, SPMW850 series produces a powerful, robust signal to overcome long distances. The signal can also be adjusted to high or low levels to be applied in various applications,including point-to-point or point-to-multiple-point remote solutions.

Professional Outdoor Design,Weatherproof Enclosure

SPMW850 series is designed to work in harsh environments, even in the some of the worlds most hostile climactic conditions. With its outdoor weatherproof enclosure and high/low temperature endurance (-30C~70C) internal hardware, the AP can continu e operating in various weather conditions, in sunshine or rainfall, wind and snow.

High Efficient Solar Panel

> Efficient silicon cell guarantee power output stability and durability
> Efficient transparent tempered glass and anti-corrosion EVA provide effective protection for solar panel
> Ensure stable power output performance
> High conversion rate, high efficiency output
> Remarkable low-light effect
> Adopt high-quality high transmittance tempered glass
> Unique technology makes assembly elegant, strong and anti-snow, easy to install
> Special techniques to avoid water, freeze and deformation within frame


Model SPMW850T-1000
Standards  IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11a 
Data Rate  900Mbps 
Frequency Band  5GHz: 802.11a/n/ac 
Modulation OFDM = BPSK,QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
Throughput 900 Mbps
Receive Sensitivity& RF Power Mode Data Rate Standard Result(dBm) RF Power
CH1 CH6 CH11
CH36 CH100 CH149
11a 6Mbps =-85dBm -92 -92 -92 27dBm
54Mbps = -68dBm -75 -75 -75 24dBm
11n    HT20 MCS0/8 = -85dBm -91 -91 -91 27dBm
MCS7/15 = -64dBm -72 -72 -72 24dBm
CH38 CH110 CH151
11n    HT40 MCS0/8 = -82dBm -88 -88 -88 26dBm
MCS7/15 = -61dBm -70 -70 -70 23dBm
CH36 CH100 CH149
11ac  MCS0 =-82 -92 -92 -92 26dBm
HT20 MCS8 =-60 -70 -70 -69 23dBm
CH38 CH110 CH151
11ac HT40 MCS0 =-79 -90 -89 -89 25dBm
MCS9 =-60 -66 -65 -65 22DBM
CH42 CH106 CH155
11ac MCS0 =-79 -87 -87 -87 24dBm
HT80 MCS9 =-54 -62 -61 -61 21dBm
Operation Mode  Gateway, Repeater(Extender), AP(access point), Wireless ISP Client 
Wireless Security  64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA /WPA2-Personal (TKIP/AES) 
System Requirements  Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000,Mac OS, Linux or Android OS, iOS 
Interfaces  2 x RJ-45 for 10/100 Mbps (DC12V POE Out) 
Button  1 x Reset button(Reset & Factory Defaults) 
LED indicator  WiFi, Power, System 
Antenna  18dBi dual-polarized Directional Antenna 
Power Supply  200W Solar Panel (Monocrystallinesilicon) + 100AH Three element lithium (Li(NiCoMn)O2) Battery
Wireless Function  Distance Control (802.1x Ack timeout)
Multiple SSID (4 SSID)
Security WEP Encryption-64/128/152 bit
WPA/WPA2 Personal (WPA-PSK using TKIP or AES)
WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (WPA-EAP using TKIP)
MAC/IP Address &URL filtering
Wireless STA (Client) connected list
DHCP  DHCP Server, DHCP Client
Network  Port Mapping, DMZ Host, Statics Routing, DDNS,UPNP 
Management  Firmware Upgrade and backup, factory Reset, Restart, WEB management,log management, the PING tool 
Operating Temperature  0C~40C(32F~104F) 
Storage Temperature  -40C~70C(-40F~158F) 
Relative Humidity  10%~90%,Non-condensing 
Storage Humigity  5%~95%,Non-condensing